2011 guests

Jan. 9: Dan Pinello CCNY professor studying the effect of Super-DOMAs on same-sex couples
Jan. 16: Abby Dees author of Queer Questions, Straight Talk: 108 frank & provocative questions it’s OK to ask your lesbian, gay or bisexual loved one
Jan. 23: Jack Evans and George Harris who celebrated their 50th anniversary on Jan. 19.
Feb. 6: Candy Marcum our favorite community therapist
Feb. 13: Bret Camp of Nelson Tebedo Clinic/Resource Center Dallas
Feb. 20: John McKinnon, founder of OutMilitary.com and gay vet Bill Royal
Feb. 27: Arnold Wayne Jones, Life+Styles editor of Dallas Voice for our annual Academy Awards show.
March 2: John Wright, Online editor of Dallas Voice.
March 9: Roger Wedell, executive director of Legal Hospice of Texas
March 16: Larry and KC Jansson, met in reparative therapy – or, as they call it, gay camp. Here’s the story.
March 23: Connie Marshall, who is starting a Straight Spouse Support Network group in Dallas
March 30: Melissa Grove, executive director of Legacy Counseling talks about the fear of HIV testing and the psychological side of revealing your status.
April 6: Jack E. Jett, the master of talking nonsense
April 20: Dr. Alex Khadavi, talks about hair loss
April 27: Chuck Smith, Deputy Executive Director of Equality Texas
May 4: Candy Marcum and Carolyn Hall celebrating their 25th anniversary.
May 11: Leo Cusimano from the Modern Family Fest
May 18: Jerry Calumn director of Lone Star Ride
May 25: Scott Griggs, newly elected councilman from District 3
June 1: Alice Murray, President and CEO of the Dallas Holocaust Museum, on the new exhibit “Nazi Persecution of Homosexuals 1933-1945″
June 8: Tony Vedda, North Texas GLBT Chamber of Commerce president and CEO
June 15: Dave Guy-Gainer, Our “don’t ask, don’t tell” resident expert is a national board member of the Servicemembers Legal Defense Network national board member.
June 22: Kathy Fitzgerald, Provincetown guesthouse owner and political cartoonist
June 29: Jennifer Sampson, the new CEO for United Way of Metropolitan Dallas and Andy Smith, the new LGBT chair for United Way.
July 6: Don Maison, president and CEO of AIDS Services Dallas
July 13: Rev. Stephen Sprinkle, author of Unfinished Lives
July 20: Jenifer Rene Pool, host of Queer Voices in Houston and candidate for Houston city council
July 27: Sean Hubbard, candidate for U.S. Senate
Aug. 3: Candy Marcum, our favorite counselor
Aug. 10: Raeline Nobles Executive director of AIDS Arms
Aug. 17: Joe Hoselton/Jenna Skyy Why is SMU so gay-unfriendly. The school’s drag queen admissions coordinator explains it all for us.
Aug 24: Rodd Gray founder of Home for the Holidays
Aug 31: Abby Dees discussing workplace diversity issues
Sept. 7: Deneen Robinson the education coordinator for the HIV vaccine research unit at UT Southwestern
Sept. 14: Arnold Wayne Jones life+style editor of Dallas Voice talked Emmys
Sept. 21: Dave Guy Gainer The day after DADT repeal, Dave helped us understand the earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes that took place as a result
Sept. 28: Harold Steward of Fahari Arts and Dallas Black Pride
Oct. 5: Yoots — Drake, Julio, Joeii, Elliot on bullying and coming out
Oct. 12: Theresa Bates-McLemore and John Cramer from LEAGUE@AT&T
Oct. 19: Leo Cusimano and Wendy Ringe from HRC Family Project
Oct. 26: Robyn Ochs author of Getting Bi
Nov. 2: Candy Marcum, our favorite counselor
Nov. 9: Eric Folkerth Senior pastor Northaven United Methodist Church
Nov. 16: Erin Moore Not your usual news round table
Nov. 23: Omar Narvaez Lambda Legal community educator
Nov. 30: Sister Ophelia Nutz and Sister Bertha of The DFW Sisters talk about the Veil of Remembrance and World AIDS Day
Dec. 7: Abby Dees on the progress of Prop 8
Dec. 14: Latisha McDaniel with the monthly news roundup
Dec. 21: Randy Martin and a mentally healthy holiday
Dec. 28: Glen Maxey talking about his new book Head Figure Head: The Search for the Private Life of Rick Perry

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