2008 guests

Jan 13: Jesse Garcia from Stonewall Democrats
Feb 24: Arnold Wayne Jones talks Oscars
March 2: Nancy Polikoff author of “Beyond (Straight and Gay) Marriage: Valuing All Families under the Law”
March 9: Jamy Spradlin from GEAR
March 15: Bob Miskinis from Youth First Texas
March 21: Juicy Julie Bear from the United Court of the Lone Star Empire
March 29: Yen Tan, whose film “Ciao” was screened at the AFI film festival
April 13: Beau Heyen Day of Silence organizer
May 4: Armando Gonzalez & Louise Wo from Up with People
May 11: Paul J. Williams comedian
May 18: Patricia Granados Resource Center of Dallas Borders & Bridges Queer Conference
May 25: Todd Camp founder and director of Q Cinema
June 29: Paul Fisher author of “House of Wits: An Intimate Portrait of the James Family”
Aug. 17: Kristi Hall and Kimberley Rafalski talk about gay parenting
Aug. 24: Matt Goodman and Tommi Ivey from BiNet
Aug. 31: Doug Mitchell president of the Turtle Creek Chorale
Sep. 21: Arnold Wayne Jones talks about the Emmys
Nov. 16: Kevin Moriarity artistic director of the Dallas Theater Center
Dec. 07: Matt Goodman and June Johnson from BiNet

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