David Taffet probably has more GLBT broadcast experience than anyone else in the world with 20 years on Lambda Weekly and as host of the daily talk show On Q Live on the first LGBT cable network Q Television.

He has written for Dallas Voice even longer than he’s hosted Lambda Weekly while having a few other careers along the way. His favorite was a travel agency, which went away with all the other travel agencies out there.

David’s hobby is working on TV and in movies. He has been in films such as  JFK (as a reporter) and  can be seen on the football field (as a sideline reporter, not as a football player) in NBC’s Friday Night Lights.

Patti Fink is a native Texan, and has lived and worked in Dallas since 1989. Her family lived in West Texas for a time and, as an oil brat, Patti grew up in North Africa and Europe.

After graduating from an international boarding school near Geneva, Switzerland, Patti returned to the US to attend Baylor University in Waco, Texas.

She is president of Dallas Gay and Lesbian Alliance. Her partner is former Lambda Weekly host Erin Moore.

Lerone Landis is also a native Texan and landed his first job in radio as an Operations Technician at USA Radio Network in Dallas. After a few months he starting reporting for the sports updates for the network. Imagine that – a sports anchor queen!

He later graduated from the University of North Texas with a BA in Radio, Television & Film. He and his husband Danny married last year in Vancouver, Canada after 10 years together. Lerone & Danny welcomed the birth of their first baby into the world in December of 2008.

Lerone reviews film. His reviews can be found here.

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