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2017-03-19 – Leslie McMurray and Gretchen Manes

20 minutes, waiting for 911 to answer. Is that too long? Today we can shed some of our grief and learn the gruesome details. So where do we go from here with cities that have five or more years of antiquated 911 software. Audio Video

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2017-03-12 – Leslie McMurray, Katie Sprinkle, and Samuel Tornabene

We lost one of our strongest supporters in a quick exit to the next life. We grieve with David Taffet; we had just videoed their wedding with in the last year with a few hundred friends. The video has yet to be made public. On March 10, we had to do the unthinkable, saying goodbye […]

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2017-03-05 – This Week’s Events

Left to our basic desires. We go after the facts and lies in the last week. The station might have to fumigate the studio! Audio Video

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