09-27-2015 – Barton Poché

Notice: Since the new studio is far from finished, such is the area of quick moves. While the show was being recorded, one microphone had to be replaced because it wasn’t giving Leron full volume. As they finish up the new studio new video equipment may need to be purchased by our videographer such as a new High Definition camera and wall mounts for them to be permanently installed at the studio, with knon’s permission of course.
We may have to start a crowd funding campaign for equipment to continue to guarantee the weekly recording. This is mounting at $2,000 and counting. At the moment, recording is catch can, and if you look around the edges, you can see the mess that needs to be cleaned up and will no doubt affect camera position. Poor Lerone got hid by a new console monitor.

This week!
Barton Poché, Coalition for Aging LGBT Board Member and Committee Chair on Research as he joins the Lambda Weekly Radio Program radio program for an indept talk on LGBTQ aging.


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