03-23-2014 – Out2Enroll

Katie Keith and Kellan Baker bring light and good new to the Lambda Weekly program, insurance program with no preexisting conditions clauses.  Now every can get their medications.  Gautam Raghavan was still in the air, as the program went on the air.  But he can be seen in a following program at the Cathedral of Hope posted on https://www.facebook.com/Twohatspublishing.  The event will have an Ask-the-Expert Panel with Katie Keith of Out2Enroll, Kellan Baker of the Center for American Progress, and Gautam Raghavan from the White House.  If you still have questions about what ACA offers you, come out and get answers from these folks working closely with U. S. Health and Human Services and the White House!  If you have signed up but know folks who haven’t, tell your friends about this event!


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